Coaching for caregivers and -organizations

When we communicate we are mainly aware of the message and its words. Nevertheless we also give information about ourselves through our voice. People with needs are much more aware and sensitive to way we use our voice. Being aware of that can really make a difference.

One-on-one voice coaching
For any caregiver who wants to know how their voice can make a difference in their work with people with needs. We offer a three months program where you have face-to-face coaching in combination with online support sessions. During this one-on-one coaching we work on your awareness, breathing, high and low resonance and your body as an instrument.

We offer practical introduction- and theme workshops for small groups (max. 12 participants). Through exercises we work on awareness, breathing, high and low resonance. All workshops can be booked for 2/3 hours and include some theoretical background.

  • Introduction workshop
  • Theme workshops
    • Dealing with pressure
    • Let the breath set you free
    • Your body as an instrument
    • Speak with your senses
    • Create more resonance

Inspiration moments
Elena de Ru is an expert in education and in the daily care for her partner with dementia. Together we offer inspiration moments on how to use your voice as a golden instrument for caregivers, directors and care organizations. These moments can be booked for large groups and take 2/3 hours.

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