Coaching for teachers and schools

For teachers their voice is the most important instrument. Frederika Tournicourt is a speech therapist and voice pedagogue. Together we offer a program for teachers and professors to become more aware of the voice to speak more healthy and create more impact.

One-on-one voice coaching
For any teacher who wants to know the strength of their voice in class and in communication with students, colleagues and parents. We offer a three months program where you have face-to-face coaching in combination with online support sessions. During this one-on-one coaching we work on your awareness, breathing, high and low resonance and your body as an instrument.

We offer practical introduction- and theme workshops for small groups (max. 15 participants). Through exercises we work on awareness, breathing, high and low resonance. All workshops can be booked for 2/3 hours and include some theoretical background.

  • Introduction workshop
  • Theme workshops
    • Dealing with pressure
    • Let the breath set you free
    • Your body as an instrument
    • Speak with your senses
    • Create more resonance

We offer a lecture on how voice coaching can create a positive atmosphere in the classroom for study days, parent meetings or after school activity.

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