Discover your hidden treasure in voice, in life, in you!

Your hidden treasure is called resonance!

Last week I wrote about ‘unspeakable love’, after I heard our prime minister Alexander De Croo. Today I will tell you how you can create more openness and empathy in your voice, in your life and in you. I believe it helps to stimulate more resonance in your voice.


Did you know that resonance is the echo in your sound? Just like your words exchange information on the knowledge level, resonance exchanges information on the interpersonal and relationship level. It tells your audience how you feel, how you’re doing, how you love yourself, how you love them.

When you are happy, your voice will sound happy. When you are sad, your voice will sound sad. When you are calm, your audience will feel relaxed and open to listen. When you are stressed, your audience will feel nervous and will be easily distracted.

Everyone has resonance in their voice. Resonance is the warmth in your voice or the vibration you feel in your body when you make a sound. This vibration can be felt in your throat, on your chest, in back- and nose bone. Unfortunately, due to stress and pressure, most of us only feel vibration in the larynx and have resonance in the throat and mouth.

When you can stimulate resonance in your chest, you will win confidence, warmth and trust while speaking. Resonance in your nose gives volume, clarity and presence to your voice and with resonance in your head you’ll inspire and win the attention of your audience.

For resonance is the glue between your words. For resonance is the connection with your audience. For resonance is your hidden treasure.


In my practice I hear so many people investing in their audience while they speak. I hear them literally giving their voice away. They are so busy to express or to impress that the forget to just be.

I teach you to invest in yourself and change the direction of your communication. Instead of giving your voice away and pushing your sound out of your body, I advise you to pull the others into your sound and resonance. I assure you that people will hang on your lips.

The true power lies in you, your voice and resonance. When you change the direction of your speech, you’ll fill yourself with energy, trust and confidence. The more you can shine in voice, the more attractive your message is and the more successful you become.


Clients describe the advantages of a resonating voice:

  • More attention
  • More calm
  • Less pain
  • More confidence
  • More joy
  • Easier to speak
  • More energy
  • Less stress


Say a long ‘O’ and put your hand on your body to feel the vibration.

  • On your throat
  • On your chest
  • Under your right arm
  • On your cheek
  • On your nose


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