Dreaming of a resonating world…


Last week I visited the hospital for a small intervention (no worries, I am fine). As I got the room right in front of the nursing desk, I could hear them talking and so I started listening to their voices. Never not working… I was surprised of what I heard.

I would expect their voices to sound comfortable, but most of them contained a lot of stress and pressure. I could here the pressure in their voices, high pitched, shouting, firm… Short messages, quickly spoking. No resonance or warmth to hear in their sound. The same intention was sees in the way they walked (quick and firm) and acted.

It made me feel even more nervous and it wasn’t even to me they were talking to. Of course I understand the stress a lot of nurses have to deal with. Working in an environment of life and death, mouth masks, not enough staff, the pandemic, etc isn’t easy.


How would it feel if you could create an intention of calm in your voice, even when the context is stressful? Would the listener (the patient) feel more appeased, seen, heard? Would you (the nurse) feel more energized, productive, calm and happy?

Your voice doesn’t lie. It reflects your inner world. The sound of your voice follows your attention. In a working environment with high pressure and deadlines, it is normal that your voice sounds nervous.

At the same time is it the voice that sets the tone and atmosphere in your conversation. So which statement or impression do you want to give?


I believe in the power of resonance. The more you increase the resonance in your voice, the more calm you will feel and the more you can handle a stressful context. Working on your voice implies empowering yourself. The resonance will also make you more productive and creative.

In adjusting resonance you will experience gentleness, empathy and openness (unspeakable love) towards yourself and towards your audience, wether it’s a one-to-one conversation or in front of a large audience.

The more your voice will resonate, the more you connect with yourself, your audience and the world. The answer is in your awareness and intention.


In a world full of speedy lives, stress and deadlines, how wonderful would it be to create a moment of calm and destress? To be gentle and comfort yourself and the people around you?

How would it be if you could experience warmth and confidence in your voice or feel respect and empathy in everyday conversation/communication? Isn’t this what you and the world needs right now?

It can be so simple. We all have a voice, a beautiful voice, a resonating voice. Only our attention is often somewhere else. I believe that in creating more resonance in your voice and life, you will uplift yourself and the people around you. So why not start today?

Resonance will add warmth and confidence, clearness and volume, inspiration and attention to you voice. It will magnetize your communication and presentation.


Here’s a simple exercise to feel the resonance in your voice and body.

  1. Make the sound of a vowel (o-a) and check if you can feel the vibration in your throat, chest, ribs, backbone.
  2. Enlengthen the vowel in your speech and feel how this increases the resonance in your voice.


Meanwhile I’ll keep on working on a resonating world with a gentle touch of unspeakable love.

Your sincerely, Katrien