Resonate to connect

The idea is actually very simple: the more you resonate with yourself, the more you can resonate with the other. For me this principle is essential in my work and life. A voice that resonates well, will sound louder, warmer and more present. At the same time that resonating voice will empower your inner voice (intuition), leadership skills and authenticity. The resonating voice will also affect your communication and negotiation skills so your (professional) relationships will become more valuable and sustainable.

Keep your sound with you

When I host a workshop, I always tell how I use to give my voice away during presentations. As a teacher and tourguide, I had a well trained voice and yet, I often felt tired after a whole day speaking. The energy was gone. It was only a few years later that I discovered that my attention was always fully focused on my audience. I wasn’t aware of the impact it had on my body, energy and voice. Today I know that I wasn’t breathing and resonating well. I didn’t use my body as an instrument and sound box.

That’s why I advice you to keep your attention, your voice to you instead of given it away. I train you to use your body an instrument to support you during speaking. The sound of an music instrument is not produced by pressure only. It’s shape, size, materials and the way you play the instrument are also essential. Seeing your body as a sound box can create moe resonance, less pressure of breath, less loss of energy. You voice will sound warmer and more present.

Your voice is your leadership skill?

When your voice resonates with your body and who you are, then you will be stronger in your communication. Recently I was honored to work with Ann, who wanted to use her voice in a better way during professional negotiation. As a manager she was well trained in communication and negotiation, only her voice wasn’t developed yet. Working on het voice and its pressure, Ann became more self aware and confident. The space she created for her voice, to speak had an interesting effect at the negotiation table. There was no longer pressure in het voice, so it created space for flexibility and creativity. Ann could close a sustainable compromise and all the partners were happy with that.

Dream big?

Through #resonatetoconnect I want to start a movement that gives people a voice. A movement that has a great impact and makes people aware of the soft power of their voice.

If everyone would resonate more with themselves, the world could be a better place. Communication would be based on connection and trust… For me that a child’s dream come true.

Curious about your voice?

On 19.12.2018 I host a workshop ‘Resonate to connect’ in Antwerp. Feel free to join!