Why I call myself a voicewhisperer instead of a voicecoach…

According to me there are two ways you can work on your voice. You can work on your voice from the outside in. In other words work on your intonation, articulation and speaking skills. For me this kind of work often stays on the surface.

In my work I love to work from the inside out. I believe here is transformation and more life changing impact because your voice is 100% connected to who you are, your personality and mindset. Working on your voice therefor is also working on yourself. It takes time and courage!

When I look around, I hear many great messages and stories. Unfortunately the voice is often not in line with the communication and presentation skills. People choose a format or a voice that doesn’t suit them. By doing that, they give their voice away. It literally creates a lot of pressure on the vocal chords because the inner and outer voice aren’t connected.

Together with them I work towards full resonance. The more your voice resonates with yourself, the more connection you’ll make with your audience, the more confidence and pleasure you’ll gain in using your voice and telling your story. Therefor every coaching starts with listening. This also means listening to the inner voice. What do you really want? What does this voice tells you?

That moment where the inner en outer voices connect, is pure magic… Always! For me this is what voice coaching is all about. Getting you, your voice and communication in one line. This is where succes, impact and transformation meet.

I remember many clients who had the courage to listen to their voice and make huge changes in their career and/or life. They had developed a new voice, became more successful in presentation and communication. Their new voice never disappeared again.

This is the reason why I call myself a voicewhisperer instead of a voicecoach. In my work I use my knowledge and experience on voice, personal growth and communication. I have a bachelor in social work and a master in communication. After this I studied at the Lichtenberger Institüt in Germany and followed many retreats, seminars and training all over the world to develop my personal growth skills and knowledge.

And for the record… When the magic happens, all the rest will fall into place.

Interested how this can work for you? Check my programs or contact me to get know one better.

Kind regards, Katrien