Sparklin’ Gold – Group coaching

Voice and Impact

During this program of 3 workshops and 1 online personal session, you develop more awareness on how to use your voice in your personal communication. You learn how to connect with the audience to create more impact.  

Workshop 1: Breathing and dealing with pressure

You learn to become more relaxed while speaking. When you communicate from rest, you’ll make a stronger impression on clients, partners and employees.

Workshop 2: Resonance

Your body is your instrument. You develop more resonance in your chest (confidence), nose (volume) and skull (inspiration) to use in your communication so to become a powerful speaker. 

Workshop 3: Customized session

This workshop highlights personal needs. You get personal exercises that will help you to grow in voice and sound so you can inspire and connect with your audience.

Session 4: Online

This follow-up session will give you some advice and final tips to develop your speaking skills.

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The group program can be booked in company – price on demand.