Do you want to find more rest in your voice while speaking? Do you want more volume or less tension in your voice?

Sparklin’ basic is our newest online program. In 5 audio lessons you`ll learn tips and tricks on how to create more resonance and calm the breath while speaking. Every lesson comes with 3 exercises and a background theory.

Do you want more? You can book 30 minutes of online coaching with each lesson. During this coaching you’ll receive a voice analysis and more exercises.

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Did you know your voice is like a fingerprint of your personality, authenticity and confidence? Often I see people who give their voice away because of too much pressure on the vocal chords. For this reason the message is not heard by the audience and a the same time it costs a lot energy to prove you are right.

When you create awareness on how to use your voice, you’ll discover a freedom in speech. You will be heard better and taken more seriously. The more the voice resonates, the more impact you’ll make.

In my practice I hear strong results of the voicework, especially in public speaking and private meetings, even at the kitchen table.


Katrien has coached me on the use of my voice… very remarkable, clarifying and effective… Recommended!”

Wouter Torfs, CEO at Schoenen Torfs (Best Belgian Employer)

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Sparklin’ voice empowers you, as a entrepreneur or motivated professional to create more impact and leadership by giving you a voice (to be heard). You can choose an individual or a group program, where you’ll work intensely on your voice. For companies and organisations, Sparklin’ voice offers a keynote and workshops.

Do you want to be heard to create more impact in your personal presence and communication?

Check all the programs or contact us for a first intake and discover what your voice can sound like.


Katrien Van Geystelen‘s mission is to give people a voice with impact. She coaches you on voice, breath and also on mindset, personality and emotions to become more aware and impactful. Through Sparklin’ voice Katrien coaches people, at her side-project Achterklap she gives people a voice by telling the stories of inspirational people in Antwerp.

Katrien has a Bachelor in Social Work and a Master in Communication Science. After a career in education, she went to the Lichtenberger Institut für Angewandte Stimmphysiologie in Germany to become a Voice Teacher.