One on One coaching


You work on your voice in order to experience more calm when you speak. You learn how to speak without harming your voice.

Incl. 1,5 month or 3h coaching online + 5 audio lessons

Price: €599 (excl. vat)


Next to empowering your voice, you work on your breathing and mindset. You win confidence to speak in front of an audience and you learn how to stand for your message/ story in order to sparkle more.

Incl. 3 months or 6h coaching + 5 audio lessons + tailor made exercises

Price: €1170 (excl. vat)


In this program you learn how to pull open all registers so you can sparkle to the fullest… in your communication, in your presentation and in life. You transform your voice, speaking skills and yourself to a next level through working on voice, breathing, mindset, communication, presentation, storytelling, leadership and strategy. You bring them all in one line in orde to make the right choices, attract the audience and feel less stressed.

Incl. 6 months or 10h coaching + 5 audio lessons + tailor made exercises + recording audio/ video


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