One on One coaching

Sparklin’ Diamond – One on One coaching

Voice, Impact and Leadership 

During this program of 10h private coaching (+/- 6 months) you work intensively on your voice and how to use is as a confident and impactful instrument in your personal communication. The program contains a lot of practice and starts with your personal need and questions. You will learn to resonate more and you will transform to more impact and authentic, inspirational leadership. The result of this coaching program is that you will be heard and understood better.

The program is more intens the first three months in orde to get used to your new voice. Afterwords the sessions focus on implementation and transformation.

You’ll work on these themes

  • Breathing: You cannot control your vocal chords, but you can control your breathing. The more calm your breath is, the more resonance in your voice.
  • Resonance: You learn to create more resonance in your voice and speaking and you develop resonance in chest (impact and confidence), nose (volume and clarity) and skull (inspiration and attention). 
  • Pressure versus relaxation: The more calm you are, the more confident and convincing you are while speaking.
  • Space: Use your body as an instrument and use the room to create more resonance.
  • Leaderschip and confidence: positive mindset, emotions and personality
  • Public speaking: You lear to inspire and grab the attention of your audience.
  • Negotiation: How can your voice support you in private meetings and negotiation?

This program can be organized in company – price on demand.