About Katrien



I give people a voice to create impact.

At Sparklin’ voice I empower professionals to create more impact, leadership and confidence in their work by learning them to use their voice in a more powerful, conscious way.

My practice

In 2014 I started Sparklin’ Voice as a practice to train singers. Over the years my own speaking voice changed and benefit from my voice work, so I decided to focus more on the resonance of the speaking voice. The more one is of his/her voice, the more impact he/she can create. I discovered that often the voice is the missing link in public speaking and/or leadership development. Today I train entrepreneurs and managers on the strength of their voice. Maybe you are the next one?

Lichtenberger method

For this work I got trained at the  Lichtenberger Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie in Germany. The Lichtenberger method is based on self organization and uses the body as a resonance box. The voice work includes observation and stimulation exercises. The institute and the method are based on 35 years of interdisciplinary research and is still developing.


In may 2018 I was asked to host a TEXx Talk at Johnson&Johnson Benelux. I spoke about my work as a voice coach and the effects on human communication if one speaks in resonance. After the TEDx Talk the idea of a new program and the hashtag Resonate to connect grew.