Sparklin’ greetings from Italy

A few weeks ago I had the honour to visit two friends, mother and daughter, in Rome. Besides drinking cappuccino and visiting Italy’s beautiful capital, we hosted a private singing class (just the three of us).

Both women are fascinated with my work as vocal coach. Val is a yoga teacher and works with different chakra’s. The throat chackra has her special interest. Her mom is an office-manager who becomes an actrice and singer after-work.


During our private singing session we experimented with some stimulations (the influence of our body to our larynx) to free the larynx, to free the voice…  and so they sang. The sound was astonishing!


This week they sent me their reviews, their reflection on our singing session. Because it’s a good description of what I do, I am glad to share it with you. Thanks again!

“My experience with Katrien was a sort of journey. As it often happens to many of us when leaving for an unknown destination, I felt a bit uncomfortable even if looking forward to have this new experience. So I started this journey a bit sceptic and nervous even if quite curious. I was asked to use my voice, not a song but a sound coming from inside. This was magic. I hardly could recognize my voice; it was coming out from myself as a kite in the wind. Amazing… all my previous doubts disappeared and I feel so good while a sense of happiness and wellness started. It was a very great experience I hope to repeat it soon!”


“Katrien is a very skillful teacher and a very sensitive person. In the singing session we had, she managed to drive me through something that I had never experienced before. She knew how to handle my fears and found subtle ways to help me overcoming my own impediments and emotional blockages. Even if I took singing classes before, Katrien allowed my true voice to come out. I heard a profound sound, a note that resonated with my inner and most powerful and blissed self. It was wonderful. “


If you have any questions after reading this or if you want to want to explore your own voice/ singing skills and experience this yourself, feel free to contact me.

Sparklin’ greetings, Katrien