Sparklin’ basic

Do you want to find more rest in your voice while speaking? Do you want more volume or less tension in your voice?

Sparklin’ basic is our newest online program. In 5 audio lessons you`ll learn tips and tricks on how to create more resonance and calm the breath while speaking. Every lesson comes with 3 exercises and a background theory.

1. Five audio lessons

  1. Your voice as an instrument: exercises to discover your voice.
  2. Breathing I: exercises to speak more calmly, you can practise you on the road.
  3. Breathing II: exercises to enlarge your lung capacity, you can practise at home.
  4. Chest resonance: exercises to create more trust, confidence and grounding while speaking.
  5. Nose – and skull residence: exercises to create more volume and attention while speaking.

Price: €25 pp (excl. vat)


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2. Five audio lessons + online coaching

Do you want more? You can book 30 minutes of online coaching with each lesson. During this coaching you’ll receive a voice analysis and more exercises.

  1. 5 audio lessons on breath and resonance
  2. Extra 30 minutes online coaching per audioles.

Price: €275 pp (excl. vat)


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