Sparklin’ Silver – Audio lessons

Sparklin’ Silver – Online coaching


Do you want to find more rest in your voice while speaking? Do you want more volume or less tension in your voice?

Sparklin’ Silver is a programm of 5 audio lessons where you learn how to create resonance in the voice while speaking. Every lesson comes with 3 exercises and a background theory.

1. Five audio lessons

  1. Your voice as an instrument: exercises to discover your voice.
  2. Breathing I: exercises to speak more calmly, you can practice you on the road.
  3. Breathing II: exercises to enlarge your lung capacity, you can practice at home.
  4. Chest resonance: exercises to create more trust, confidence and grounding while speaking.
  5. Nose – and head resonance: exercises to create more volume and attention while speaking.

Price: €49 pp (excl. vat)


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