Does your voice (still) fits you?

She calls me. During the past years she got promoted to the topmanagement of the company where she is working. To improve her communication- and presentationskills, she followed lots of training and coaching. She became more successful, but one skill never changed. The voice was mentioned in these training, but never worked on. She came to this point where her voice didn’t match her competences anymore. She wanted a vocal upgrade to fully express herself!

During the Diamond program she works actively on her voice, mindset (personality) and communication (story). She starts listening to herself, her voice and sound in order to use her voice as an instrument of impact in her on- and offline communication. Her voice becomes her brand.

We work on chest resonance to get more undertones in her voice. The undertones give her voice more depth and warmth. To get more resonance in her chest, she also needs to work on a relaxed breath. This gives her more confidence while speaking. After 2-3 sessions her voice starts to change already. She is more aware on how she sounds, on her mindset and communication.

The more relaxed she is when speaking, the more resonance she has in her voice. The more resonance (sound waves) in her voice, the better her message will be heard. Working on this subject she creates an extra layer in her communication. The voice tells her audience how she is feeling, how she’s doing. Her voice now becomes an instrument to connect with her audience, an instrument of impact and success.

The new sound in her voice starts to fit her. She doesn’t sound like the young, insecure girl anymore, but more like the woman who has something to tell, who stands for what she believes. She becomes…. from doing to being. The transformation is real.

A few weeks after the Diamond program she calls me again. We had worked towards a challenging negotiation in her company. We had set out an authentic strategy in her communication, we uplifted her mindset (the authentic strategy gave her a hand) and we worked on a voice with lots of resonance. When these three components are in line, you and your communication become magnetic!

“Katrien, it worked! I felt taken more seriously and listened to. Everything I wanted out of this negotation, I got it… without feeling bad about it.”

She shines and that proves why I have the most wonderful job in the world.


Curious about your own voice? Find more information on the Diamond program (Diamond traject) or contact me.