Inspiration: How finding your voice empowers you.

When people come to my practice Sparklin’ voice, they have a question considering their voice. Either they suffer from a sore throat after public speaking or they aren’t been heard during professional (or private) meetings or they think their voice doesn’t sound nice or …. There are various reasons for starting a program voice coaching.

The thing is that the voice is more than just a communication tool. You can go for a quick fix (which is some cases is needed), but that won’t last or solve the real problem underneath. Your voice is your seismograph, the soundbox of your soul and personality. It tells more than you know. When you speak, your voice reveals information about your mindset and personality, your physical and emotional state. An important revelation where most of us are not aware of.


A few weeks ago I was surprised by the call of the new Flemish minister-president. During his opening speech he invited his colleagues and the people to let go of all negativity. A message that I loved to hear… If it’s wasn’t for his voice telling me something differently. There was a lot of air pressure in the voice which made the invitation sound like a command. A missed opportunity?


At the same time your voice is the instrument that has the ability to set up a strong connection with your audience. The more your voice resonates through your body, the bigger your impact. This is comparable with a musician playing an instrument. The more resonance in the instrument, the more the music can ‘move’ you.

The idea that you can control your voice is an illusion, since you can hardly feel the vocal chords and even less the vibration of them. The good news is that you can work on your breathing, mindset, thoughts and emotions. So the reason why a healthy voice isn’t heard or hurts after speaking or doesn’t sound nice is often found in these area.


One of my clients, a manager in an international company, noted that his ideas were never heard during meetings… his ideas were often stolen and when someone of the team brought up the same idea, this colleague was rewarded for it. When my client spoke I immediately noted that he pushed out the air of his breath at his first word. So he didn’t had enough air/ breath to create volume at the rest of his words and sentence. He litterally gave his voice away (and so his ideas) because here was no resonance in his voice.

During the Sparklin’ voice programs I help you to listen to your voice and yourself. I question you on what I hear in your voice, on what I feel. Does the voice represent your thoughts, mindset and emotions ├ánd can you change them? Listening to your voice, your sound, implicates listening to yourself, the authentic you. That’s where te magic happens…

Too many of us represent a voice /or a message that isn’t theirs.

So the moment when the words become authentic and free, the voice resonates, sounds loud (without shouting) and clear. It’s in that moment I hear sparkles in the voice (and see them in the eyes). Every time it’s a moment of greatness, confidence and authentic leadership…

Just like that, very simple, everybody can empower themself. You only have to silence the head and listen!

To end this article I have a gift for you. Let your voice be heard!

Interested to know what your voice reveals? Contact me for a get-to-know session where I will listen to you and your voice. In this 1.30h session you’ll receive a voice analysis, practical tips and exercises and more information on the Sparklin’ voice programs.