How I decided to stop working… #onapersonalnote #2

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Achterklap project and why I had put it on hold. Writing the blog made me think even more about my future and life and how we limit ourselves in what we do and how we call things. I realized I wanted to take the extra step and out of the blue I decided to stop working for the upcoming year. Instead I will start listening in order to help you better developing your voice!

Not that anything will change in my life. I just want to experiment with words and their effect on my behavior. To be honest I struggle a lot with the word ‘working’. For a long time it felt like not working when I wasn’t coaching, even when I was working on my business or my coachings. I strongly believed that I had to work and coach all the time, especially as an entrepreneur. That is was I had learned as so I worked long days and weekends. Business coach Mario Haneca once confronted me with this sentence: “So for you a football player only works 90 minutes a week?” There he got me! Since then I could see myself working when I was doing administration on a weekday or follow an extra training during day hours.

And yet… Since this pandemic I have got my weekends and evenings back. I really enjoy the free time and everything that comes along with it. But still I catch myself often thinking ‘I should be working now!’. That is why I decided to take things one step further.

“Words define our reality.”

“Words become behavior. Behavior becomes ordinariness. Ordinariness becomes character.”

Gisela Rohmert – Lichtenberger Institut

I have created a job and business where I can 100% use my passion and talents, my experience and knowledge. The word ‘work’ turns it too much in a ‘should-modus’, when actually I consider myself as a ‘I am such a lucky bastard’ (sorry for this expression, got it from my Italian friend – imagine the Italian accent when pronouncing). And thus I will not call it working any longer.

In my practice I see this happening all the time. The more we want to control te voice and let it work for us, the more narrow, high pitched and sharp it sounds. I learn my clients to let go of control, to play more and observe, listen and feel what happens to the voice and sound. This is when the magic happens… every time! This is the moment of freedom, where the voice reveals its true sound and greatness. The voice becomes calm, warm and deeper, yet more energized, present and melodious.

The upcoming year I want to research if what happens in voice, can also happen in life. This is the experiment: From now on I will no longer work, instead I will listen, empower and play. Will this give me more freedom… to create, to inspire, to grow?

Keep u posted!

Now I am curious… Would this work for you? Do you dare to truly listen? Which voices do you listen do and which ones have a veto? Are you ready to shape your own reality or will you keep ons listing to the other voices in your head?

Sparklin’ greetings, Katrien