Which voice do you listen to? #onapersonalnote #1

Last week, after I had announced to put my storytelling project Achterklap on hold, I received many warm reactions. It was a bit overwhelming and I am very grateful for all the nice words. Some of them even made me doubt my decision for a second. Some people called me and asked me how I do that. “I love the way you follow your intuition. I wish I could do that more.

For me there is no other way than to work/life this way. In my professional life, I dare to listen to my intuition. Unlike in other parts of life, I dare take a risk when it comes to work. I trust the process that everything will work out. Trusting ‘the feeling’ didn’t happen over one night, life taught me this. Life taught me that work should be fun, since we work most of our time. I could not do it otherwise. For this reason I became self employed.

How Life taught me

In 2012 something happened that changed my life. I was working at the University where I combined several jobs. The project I was hired for could start, but my position had changed. More and more I had to do work that I was (apparently) good in, but I didn’t like. I was working long hours and although I wasn’t feeling well, my sense of responsibility popped up. I wasn’t a quitter. So one evening when I drove home, I started crying in my car. It felt more like my body that was producing tears while my head (I) had no clue what was going on. I only felt tired, but my body told me it was time to take a break. (The real signals popped up years later, that’s another journey I’ll hope to write about one day.) From that point on I made a promise I would listen better… After two weeks at home, I picked up my work, started my singing lessons in Germany and finally went for my dream.

Around the same time I heard Jonas Van Geel (who was a young TV-star at that time) telling on national television that he would only work on projects that he was interested in and work with people he liked. I still remember how impressed I was with his quote. I was even a bit jealous, so I decided to do the same. It costed me some time, but today I can say I am at that point where I can choose which job and which people I will work with.

Which voice do you listen to?

For longtime I listed to the voice of the head, the incorporated voice, the voice of what others think, the voice of never enough or responsability. Nowadays I have learned to listen to the voice of the soul and heart, the voice of dreams, wisdom and trust. This voice was always there. As I child I was very driven to listen to it, but quickly I had learned to ignore that voice. Luckily life has a funny way of always bringing you back on track (if you are willing to see).

In this seeing, hearing, feeling, observing, I have found my trust, a solid ground that there will always be work and that there is a place for every talent. The world is filled with opportunities, so why wouldn’t you go out and grab them or ask for it?

In my practice I help you to listen and explore the different voices in you. Which one do you want to bring out? I often hear beautiful voices, stories and talents, ready to be developed. I see many opportunities and encourage you to go and explore. This doesn’t mean that you have to take huge risks or become self-employed, just go after that dream within your possibilities. Use your talent, be flexible and trust the process. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Once you fall, you get up and move on. There will always be work, for everyone!

When I was a teacher, I told this to my students. Then some colleagues argued with me: “But Katrien, you are talented, smart and gifted.” As if the students weren’t! My own student life was horrible. From the age 12 till 21 I believed I was not smart, I believed I couldn’t study and my writing skills were not existing (I would talk better). If I had listened to my teachers at that time, I had probably become a nurse (while I can’t handle needles).

So bottom line… Listen to your voice, listen to what resonates, follow your dreams, explore your talents, do not stay in jobs and with people who don’t make you happy, nor feel wanted or who do not encourage you! If you do so, life will reward and with listening to your voice, you will encourage others to do the same.

Good night, Katrien